No matter where you decide to go, Haval H2 will give you one step ahead on the road. With a breathtakingly charming and edgy design, the All New Haval H2 has been crafted to grasp respect. The bold sharp exterior and the new masculine stance will set you apart from every other SUV on the road.


GW4G15B Engine

The technologically-advanced GW4G15B high-efficiency and energy-saving engine boasts outstanding sporting performance with excellent fuel economy. The 110kW top power output and 210N.m peak torque output allow the vehicle to explode with instant performance.

3D Fashionable Multi-functional Dashboard

The 3D fashionable multi-functional dashboard embodies a charming sense of technology and clearly shows the common driving information, including instantaneous fuel consumption and remaining driving mileage.

All-Round Airbags

The HAVAL H2 provides you with a top-level, all-round safety guarantee. In the event of a collision, the front-seat airbags deploy instantly to protect the driver and front seat passenger from impact.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Avoid unsafe driving conditions. Our tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will warn you that at least one or more tyres are significantly under-inflated.

Reverse Camera+ Reverse Radars

The perfect combination of reverse radars and reverse camera provides you with accurate reversing information.


Your passionate journey only requires one push of a button to start, omitting the fussy traditional start system.


LED Predators' Eye Integrated Headlamp

LED Predators' Eye Integrated Headlamp

LED boat-shaped Daytime Running Light

LED boat-shaped Daytime Running Light

Smart Keyless Entry

Smart Keyless Entry

18-inch Sharp Looking Alloy Wheels

18-inch Sharp Looking Alloy Wheels


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